A’Legends book heads to Jamaica

by Apr 5, 2023News

A'Legends book heads to Jamaica

US-based Fashionista, A’Legend’s book, “Keira Discovers Her Talent,” is heading to Jamaica and is likely to reach the hands of children before this summer of 2023.

The book features the dream of a young Keira becoming a reality when she becomes a fashion designer. This story speaks volumes as it mirrors A’Legends’ dream of becoming a fashion designer when she was Keira’s age.

After a successful two-month run of the book in Philadelphia, US, the 28-page success story was number 1O on Apple’s book list for children during the last week of March.

Only two months ago one of the Caribbean finest journalists hails the book as “a must-be in every home. I had just read the book thrice. And, I am so proud of the writer. The story is so compelling, timely, and fascinating. The theme is so striking, the language colourful and the illustrations so effective that every child can relate to the message.”

The book is already in the hands of primary school teachers who will be assessing its value, while it will be forwarded to the Ministry of Education.

If the book is impressive, A’Legend could see her works becoming part of the primary school English curriculum in schools.

A’Legends, born Jenelle Alexia, is hoping to add exercises, which include comprehension to the book so that these can be used as workbooks in schools.

(Photo courtesy of A’Legends)