Meet record producer, DJ RumBlood Part 3

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DJ RumBlood Part 3

Final of a three-part series.

DJ RumBlood’s first project with Vershon was a song titled “Entrepreneur” with Tee Que, an artiste from Portmore.

“I did not get to release that song when I wanted to do so, which was in 2020. It was instead released in January, 2021.”

He has done three other projects with Vershon. These are “Good Girl,” “The Truth,” and “Nah See We.”

“Good Girl” co-produced by DJ RumBlood Recordz and JDan Records, was released on Sunday, March 26, 2023, and can be found on all digital platforms, including Spotify.

Six lines of the song are:
“Dem caah seh yuh regular
Yuh nuh mix Inna drama
Dem can seh noting bout yuh
Fah dem nuh know noting bout yuh.
So wen some gall come a scandal yuh name
Nuh worry cah noting doh tru.”

DJ RumBlood (left) and Vershon at the bike shop where they first met

DJ RumBlood says he has great expectations for the song. “Everyone knows Vershon is versatile and the song is very relatable. It speaks about the criticisms which continue to sweep dancehall arena and how one person is reacting.”

The video for the song was shot at two locations in Jamaica – Seaview Gardens and Waterfront in Downtown, Kingston.

“As producer, I see it fitting to highlight this community (Seaview) which has significantly contributed to not only dancehall music but the recognition of its artistes throughout the world.”

“In terms of the Waterfront, this is really a romantic spot which offers a colourful backdrop, including the shades of the blue sky above, the extensive blue seas bordering, and the grassy rolling lawns which taper the seafront.”

The video is expected to be released in April, 2023.​

(Photos courtesy of A’Legends and DJ RumBlood)

Vershon – Good Girl


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