Sliva striding for Pure Gold Part 4

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Deejay Sliva series 4
Fourth of an eight-part series.

Cornwall College established in 1896, is one of the third oldest high schools in the county of Cornwall. It is situated along Orange Street St. James; boasting a student population of 1,245 with 42 classrooms. The school’s motto is short and sharp: ‘Learn or Leave’.

Dancehall artiste Sliva had that option and he chose the right one, which is to learn. The first truth which caught his attention was the support system for students.

“Cornwall College has very outstanding past students who ensure that the quality of education is among the best in St. James, hence a number of funding to upgrade the school’s facilities and students’ welfare.”

During his GSAT, he selected Cornwall College as one of his choice schools.

“I was quickly selected on the DaCosta Cup football team as soon as I entered Cornwall College. Training was more rigorous than at Irwin High. And after training, we would normally sleep out in the dorms.”

Sliva interest in football was waning after the first season at Cornwall College. He wanted to spend more time in the recording studio.

He had finally made up his mind. It was more music than anything else that he wanted to do. He had great plans. If he could earn enough to spend on his music, this would make him independent. If that was not possible, maybe, he would have to go abroad.

“I always had plans to travel. Growing up in a community, like Granville, can be distressing. Opportunities for financial advancement are limited. There are a lot of educated youths in such communities and when they migrate there is a brain drain.”

“My first trip to Florida was on a vacation in 2018. This took me to other states including New York and Pennsylvania. It was definitely refreshing heading into the summer season at that time.”

Sliva recorded two songs while in the United States. The first is titled “Wild Fire” featuring his cousin Tirrique; the second is “Bring It Come” featuring Tirrique and Sean.

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(Photo courtesy of Deejay Sliva)

Wild Fire