Sliva striding for Pure Gold Part 5

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Deejay Sliva series 5

Fifth of an eight-part series.

Creating Board House.

There is more than one community in Westmoreland – one of Jamaica’s western parishes – that has a stretch of board houses. These have raised eyebrows, among passers-by, including tourists.

Reggae dancehall artiste Sliva has nothing to do with those houses. He has never held a hammer to nail any of those boards. But he has much to say about this in his tune called “Board House,” a song he hopes will turn his dreams into a mansion.

Here is his story.

“I usually listen to a lot of beats. The making of my “Board House” lyrics began in Atlanta, along 285 Highway. I was heading towards my friend’s house and the riddim I was listening to an instrumental which was called “Dream Dancehall”. My attention was caught up with the heavy drum bass.”

I was still driving with my eyes glued on the road but in tune with the beats. But something was missing. So, I stopped to have a drink and returned to create “Board House.” It was certainly not a difficult task.”

“No stairs to climb, just normal steps and so my natural rustic voice would make a complete song. I began with the chorus.”

“I remember the Board House
Breakfast and dinner
Mi nuh sure bout dat
As a go-getter cah cold up…”

“It was not that I set out to write, specifically about a board house, but it was the punch line. And, suddenly my thoughts strayed back home to Granville. Many ghetto youths were still facing the same problems.”

The first verse of the song speaks about being resilient.

“Yes, it does because I wanted these youths to realise there is no easy way out. So, one has to be strong, powerful, and determined to escape deprivation and poverty.”

“Mi fail to fail. Until failure quit
Mi pave the way and then mi air drop it…”

Having completed this verse, Sliva was satisfied with the making and went straight into the second verse which speaks about the warrior inside of him.

“Definition of a great youth
Warriors break through
Humbleness is an asset
That’s why man stay cool…”

Having introduced “Board House,” Sliva felt he needed to elaborate on “Board House” hence the words:

“Board House wid the zinc roof.
Noting never pretty bout it
Bout mi smile like tings cute
Accept life a blessing
Whether win or lose.”

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(Photo courtesy of Deejay Sliva)


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