Sliva striding for Pure Gold Part 6

by Apr 27, 2023News

Deejay Sliva series 6

Sixth of an eight-part series.

The recording of Board House.

Sliva explains that the recording of Board House was during November, 2022. This was at Top Klass Entertainment, Sandy Springs, in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I turned up at the studio about seven o’clock that evening and started to get the vibes by just sipping a few drinks. This was while the riddim was playing, some four times.”

“Meanwhile Travis, the engineer, was warming up, ensuring he has the right keys and other components, including tuning the mike. Within minutes, I was in front of the microphone inside a studio twice the normal size of a bedroom which is about 30 feet by 12 feet.”

“The equipment included two pianos, a monitor screen which boasts a 72 inch TV along with, three couches plus a center table.”

“At times there can be as many as three persons inside the studio but on this occasion, it was myself and the engineer.”

The introduction of the song was mastered before the chorus takes shape. This has to be dynamic for the rest of the song to pull listenership. So, I ensured that the message was strong and dynamic.”

Deejay Sliva (right) before the recording session

“None of the verses is repeated but they surround the same theme – from poverty to luxury.”

“At about midnight, after some five hours, the engineer was convinced the song was good to be mixed and mastered.”

“I played my rough copy of “Board House,” several hours, during and after I drove home that night.”

“The entire files with stems and vocals were sent to Show Di Vybz studio in Montego Bay. They completed the assignment of mixing and mastering within a week. I had the song “Board House” since early December 2022, ready to be released in March 2023.”

Stay tuned to part seven: The Making of the “Board House” video. Only on the Reggae-Vibes site.​

(Photos courtesy of Deejay Sliva)


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