The CEO defends “Right To Say No” – Part 1

by Apr 13, 2023News

The CEO defends Right To Say No - Part 1

First of a four-part series.

The Right to Say No is an issue for the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is also a burning topic for Chris Thomas The CEO.

According to The United Nations (UN), only about half the world’s women can make their own decisions on sexual consent and health care. The UN also warns that such limited rights stand in the way of gender equality.

US-based singer/producer Chris Thomas The CEO has released a powerful song called “Right To Say No.”

In this four-part series, Chris Thomas explores the importance of this lyrical powerhouse. Here is Part One

“I knew this song would find favour with thousands of persons around the world because it is universal. And I say this with no apology.”

“We need to explore issues which affect not just our community or country but the entire world because we want to make a big difference.”

The song, released on April 6, 2021, is jointly produced by The CEO I.W.A.A.D. Music LLC and Outfytt Records and is accompanied by a music video.

Chris Thomas The CEO - Right To Say No

In an interview with Reggae-Vibes, The CEO explains that “the starkling reality is that a lot of debates have been focusing on females who have not only lost their lives but suffered emotional stress for the rest of their lives. This is because their right to say no was violated.”

According to statistics, some ninety-four per cent of women who are raped experience symptoms of post and traumatic stress disorder( PTSD), while thirty-three per cent of women who are raped contemplate suicide.

The CEO laments that the song should be attracting more attention, nevertheless it’s never too late for a shower of rain.”

“Just a few weeks ago, it came to my attention that UNESCO seems interested in the song. I only wish they could show some love and include it as one way of sensitizing the problem.”

He believes that the culture of some men has given cause to the feeling that they own their female partners.

“You can directly hear some men talk about them gal as if she is his property. We just can’t treat women this way. We cannot support idle talk about gal need to get box down or kick up, especially when we are around teenaged boys. They will, no doubt, follow the example.”

Next: The CEO and UNESCO. Second of a four-part series.​

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