Yeshie Renee: A star on the horizon Pt 6

by Apr 18, 2023News

Yeshie Renee series 6

Sixth of a seven-part series.

The word ‘strong’ in Biblical history is associated with such characters as Sampson, who singlehandedly led the attack that drove the Minyans out of Thebes.

In Greek mythology, Hercules, an Israelite warrior and judge, used his strength for some 2O years against the Philistines.

One record producer claims his songs are strong because they are longer lasting as Berger paints, while some forty years ago the talk then was, strong as Berec battery.

For Yeshie Renee, it is the message in her songs that she considers as strong as a lion.

“I would tend to describe my songs as very strong which ranks with those songs from the dancehall era of the nineties. Those were strong songs which lasted over two decades and more.”

“That was the glorious period when dancehall was at its best. And I am referring to the days when parties were well supported that one had to squeeze their way through to get into the mix of things.”

Yeshie refers to her current blooming song “Boom” as one to watch for the summer.

Yeshie Renee at her father's grocery shop, Denham, Kingston

“Yes, “Boom” is a great song and one does not have to question its relevance. Just think about words like Boom Dynamite or Boombastic for example. You get that bouncy feeling and you feel that growth and endurance are not only for summer but for all seasons.”

Some lines of the song read:
“Bad and boogie,
Could never be no groupie
Amy time so yuh know mi cah lose it
Yeah yuh know mi well choosy
Anything mi wah mi get
Nuh boy cah use mi…”

She claims that dancehall veteran Bounty Killer was one of the first to endorse “Boom.”

“Bounty Killer is the one who, having listened to the song, said that “Boom” is my biggest son, and I truly believe so.”

“People just keep talking about it, including my relatives and friends. And it is such a great feeling.”

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​​(Photos courtesy of Yeshie Renee)