Yeshie Renee: A star on the horizon Pt 7

by Apr 19, 2023News

Yeshie Renee series 7

Final of a seven-part series.

Yeshie Renee returned for Easter in Jamaica.

In Jamaica, few people knew when Yeshie Renee would actually be bouncing down the staircase of an airline to Jamaica. So, when that happened, some three weeks ago, one of her fans couldn’t help but ask her for a candid shot from his lens.

“I was simply wearing a black pair of bell-footed pants, along with black and white leather jacket when he surprised me with the request to take my photo. But even then a lot of people were staring in my direction.”

“I had left London on Virgin Airline en route to Sangsters International Airport, MoBay.”

The 12-hour flight, which began about noon midday, arrived in Jamaica almost on the dot of 5 o’clock in the evening.

Her busy schedule included studio work, band rehearsal, and performances.

“It was the first time I was performing on such a big stage in Jamaica. And I wasn’t threatened by the likes of Sizzla Kalonji, Nadine Sutherland, and George Nooks.”

Yeshie Renee with her nephew Tafari and niece Ngoz

Yeshie Renee first unleashed “Boom” at the Kite Festival in Ocho Rios held Easter Monday, April 10th. She then went into, “Bring the Money” ending with “Commotion.”

Last Sunday, amidst the climax of Carnival 2023 the fast-rising Yeshie was in Denham Town visiting relatives and friends. And, of course, her father’s grocery shop which has been around some forty years.

“This is a shop where I used to be selling when my grandfather was not around. And, I also met my niece Ngozi and nephew, Tafari both dub poets.”

The sweetest part was yet to come when Ngozi presented her with a handcrafted beaded bracelet with her name firmly staged where everyone could see it.​​

(Photos courtesy of Yeshie Renee)