A’Legends brand goes worldwide with Vershon

by May 17, 2023News

A'Legends brand goes worldwide with Vershon

US-based fashionista Jenelle “A’Legends” Alexia is taking her A’Legends brand to the world as she is keeping her profile in the news. Her A’Legends brand is worn by international dancehall artiste Vershon in his latest music video, “Di Truth.”

The world is already keeping a close eye on this fast-rising video which has gained almost 250,000 views in less than a week.

For A’Legends, “This is more than a good look for my brand. When I started my fashion business in the basement of my Philadelphia home, I promised myself that within five years the world will begin to hear about A’legends. This was in 2018. I now have a store at Culture Rock, Gloucester, New Jersey.”

“Having my brand as part of Vershon’s wardrobe speaks volumes. It is more than meets the eye.”

Vershon got part of the wardrobe days before the video shoot. Cameras were rolling for hours ensuring that the video is of the highest quality. The location being Cockburn Pen, Kingston.

The video begins with Vershon wearing a white A’Legends T-shirt with the print signature A’Legends in red and green.

The video was released on May 5, 2023. It was produced by DJ RumBlood Recordz, Real Live Recordings, DJ Treasure, Clev-Den Music, and 1Family Records.

(Photo courtesy of Vershon)


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