A’Legend’s Spring Into Fashion Show

by May 29, 2023News

A'Legends Spring Into Fashion Show

US-based A’Legends Spring Into Fashion Show is still creating a buzz in the fashion arena. A’Legends along with two other fashion designers from Gloucester County, presented a high-fashion swimwear look for the summer and beyond. This was held recently at the Heart Ballroom in Philadelphia.

The triple upcoming fashion moguls took pains in bringing the complete summer look. This included short shorts, revealing dresses, but maintaining a classy look along with stylish glasses and footwear.

In an interview with Reggae-Vibes Jenelle “A’Legend” Alexia says, “The owner contacted me if I would be open to hosting a fashion show at the venue. This was about a month ago. I said yes immediately and decided to take up the task.”

“I knew the other designers and encouraged them to join me in what would be definitely a spectacular event. And, that they should start creating the perfect summer look, Everything was in place the day of the show.”

The show began at 6:30 pm with Ishana Closet. She presented seven pieces, which included rompers for women, an all-in-one beige shorts set, and a linen shirt set for men.

A’Legends had male models wearing colourful short sleeve A’legends shirts and sexy swimsuits.

The other designer, Annie, owner of Culture Rock, chose African-style dresses with headwraps for women and African-printed shirt set for men.

The models chose their own accessories including glasses while Laura Gurrier, one of the female models, provided the makeup for the majority of participants.

Music was provided by DJ Bubble with the host being A’Legends.

(Photos courtesy of Expressive Eddie)

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From left: Fashion designers Annie, Jennelle Alexia, and Ishana
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From left: Laura (for Culture Rocks By Annie), Sarah (for Ishana closet), Shenell John (for A'legends), and Mr. Promoter (for A'legends)