Child Month reflection from I-tru-jah

by May 12, 2023News

Child Month reflection from I-tru-jah
Jamaican-born US-based dancehall reggae artiste I-tru-jah is hailing Child Month as a very significant part of his life.

“As a child, I saw my parents working very hard to ensure we, as children, live a good life. Dad and Mom never allowed us to go to our bed hungry, and we had to go to school. So, each summer they would accumulate their savings and ensure we had proper uniforms, and books for September.”

“But they did much more than provide food, shelter, and clothing. Our parents allowed us to express our views on a number of subject matters. They did not support the saying that, children must be seen and not heard.”

“So, we began to ask more questions and became more knowledgeable. Today, for example, as an entertainer, I am aware of important issues in the music business, such as how to register my songs, and copyright procedures”.

I-tru-jah has two children.

“The first is twenty-four years old and the other is ten years old. I still consider my first daughter my baby even though she is an adult.”

I-tru-jah daughter at piano

“I can recall, one day she called her mom to pick her up and she could not make the trip. I was at work and found out it was a very important matter, so I did not hesitate to reach her. She was happy and I felt a joy inside of me which is hard to explain.”

“I have been giving her advice, in terms of career choice, and I find the time to know how she is performing in school regularly.”

“As to my other daughter, I found out she is talented when I took her to one of my friend’s house. She saw a piano and began to strike the keys as if she was familiar with it. I was surprised, as well as my friend.”

“She now has a piano, and I am proud of her. She goes to music class at least once a week. Sometimes, she is at a recording studio where she is learning about production.”

“I want to give her the best opportunity she can get to realise her dreams which include learning to play different instruments.”

“I would like to tell parents, you don’t have to beat your child. Instill discipline in them from an early age and they are likely to become positive role models in life”.

(Photos courtesy of Tennyson Johnson aka I-tru-jah)