Child Month reflection from Inner Voice

by May 15, 2023News

Child Month Reflection from Inner Voice

May is celebrated as Child Month and Rastafarian singer Inner Voice is fully supporting the extra attention given to children because he feels they will be our future prime ministers, teachers, and farmers.

“Child Month is very vital to me because I am a father and I was prepared for this role in life. This means as a parent, I had to save more money to take care of my firstborn.”

Inner Voice, born Colin Russell, has four children – two girls and two boys. Adrian, the oldest, is twenty-four years old. The others are Shantieka, Nicolin and Kijani.

“I gave Adrian his first name, while his mom gave him his middle name. I was working when my first son was born.”

“This can be seen as fortunate as there are many fresh fathers who are not in my position. They, sometimes have to lean on others, including their parents, to help with the child maintenance.”

“While Adrian was growing up, I tried to be as close to him as possible. Walking him out during the fresh morning breeze and even feeding and putting him to bed.”

Capleton and Inner Voice

“As he grew older, l prepared his breakfast, took him to school, and encouraged him to do well in school.”

“This was part of my responsibility, and it extended to the rest of my other children.”

“I would even turn up at school just to see their teachers. This relationship can lead to teachers having more interest in children”.

“Adrian developed a love for football and he got his gears like others who were interested in this sport. He was also interested in computers.”

“We do need to instill in our children the principles of the Lord. But most importantly, we must help them to express themselves as they seek to widen their knowledge.”

Inner Voice’s latest project is Capleton feat. Inner Voice’s “Beautiful Day”. This is on Donroy Muziq, a father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson production.

(Photos courtesy of Inner Voice)