Child Month Reflection from Jahvante Campbell – Part One

by May 6, 2023News

Child Month Reflection from Jahvante Campbell Pt 1

Child Month in Jamaica was first observed in 1953 under the patronage of Lady Foote, wife of then Governor Sir Hugh Foote.

World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on 20th November each year to promote International togetherness and awareness around children worldwide and improve children’s welfare.

Reggae-Vibes will for this month bring reflections from parents who are celebrating May as Child Month. Today the spotlight is on Jahvante Campbell, the reggae dancehall singjay who lives in Red Hills, St. Andrew area.

“I believe every year, month, day, hour, and even second, should be designated to the care and protection of our children.”

“Children are the future. Every day is a learning process, not only for children but also for parents. However, parents are the ones with the biggest responsibility.”

“As parents, we should be prepared to clothe, feed and prepare our children’s growth and development in life.”

“Growing up as a child, I knew that it was a parent’s job to care for us. I saw my parents making a lot of sacrifices. Nadine Hunter, my mom, had to bypass some nice clothes just to ensure we had food on the table to eat.”

“I knew that my mother had to make sacrifices for us. Sometimes, whenever she cooked we (children) got the best of foods and she did not complain if enough was not left for her.”

“My father, Raphell, was no different. Although he was on the road transporting tourists, whenever he came home he showed us lots of love.”

“He would bring home toys that he knew we would love to have. And this was not only at Christmas time.”

“Dad would give the three of us money to buy ice cream. Creamy was well-known. He would stop in Samerton Square, St. James, where I was living then, blow his horn and you could see sometimes a dozen children rushing to him crying out, my time Creamy!  I loved to buy my little fudge which had some nice flavours, like pineapple, melon, and fruit punch. He also had one with a chocolate coating. These were a favourite of the girls.”

Jahvante Campbell feels that children must not be abused or ill-treated. “I hear stories of children being sexually molested, some beaten, and have to be hospitalized”. He feels that these molesters should be dealt with harshly as these children can be affected for life.

“I have three children – two girls and a boy. The eldest is eleven years old. The other nine, and the youngest just over a year old. I want all of them to become successful in life. Teach them to have manners because as my grandmother would say, manners can carry one through the world.”

“Secondly, to have respect for their elders. They are the ones who can separate the good from the bad. And, thirdly, to take in their education which is the key to life.”

(Photo courtesy of Jahvante Campbell)


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