Child Month reflection from Jenelle Alexia

by May 8, 2023News

Child Month Reflection from Jenelle Alexia

US-based Jenelle “A’Legends” Alexia, writer of the book, Keira Discovers Her Talent, asserts that people are always emphasizing that children are the future, but are they doing enough to prepare them for adulthood.”

“I am a single parent raising a five-year-old boy and one may not know the responsibilities on my shoulder. It’s waking him in the mornings for school, ensuring that his uniform is ready the night before and that his schoolbag is ready to go with him.”

“I bring him to school every morning and take him back home in the afternoon. At this point, I start reviewing his schoolwork.”

“Dinner has to be prepared, and then recreation, which includes, about an hour of television, then bedtime.”

“If he doesn’t do well and I have tried my best, then he will have to be more attentive in class and do without a number of things he loves because his academic standard has to improve.”

“Children who do not have responsible parents will not have the right foundation to function when they become adults.”

“For this Child Month, I think I have done the right thing. My book, Keira Discovers Her Talent, is one which will help parents to realise their children’s dreams.”​

(Photo contributed by Jenelle Alexia)