Child Month reflection from Magano

by May 8, 2023News

Magano Child Month Reflection

US-based professional singer Magano believes that not being a mother yet, does not take away an ounce of care that a woman needs to have for children.

“Child Month is important because children are our future. It is no easy task to fully care for and protect children, so parents need to plan how many children they can afford. This should depend, mainly on one’s financial position.”

“Years ago a slogan came about that two is better than too many. To guide poor parents, that it takes cash to care.”

Moving away from this point, Magano believes that there are many things parents need to do for their children.

“Firstly, parents need to ensure that a child maintains good health from pregnancy straight up to adulthood.”

“During the kindergarten stage, children need the right teaching to move them into a primary level. And, lastly, at the adolescent stage, when they are vulnerable to peer pressure and other new experiences.”

“I have been a mother figure to many children and I am proud to be in that position. I can recall travelling in a taxi between Browns Town and Cave Valley, Jamaica, and saw what turned out to be a baby, about two years old all by himself in the middle of the road.”

“I immediately came out of the car, held its hands, and took her to the nearest house. One woman showed up first and then others came and thanked me for my good deed.”

“On another occasion, I was heading from May Pen to Trout Hall in Jamaica. There was a boy about seven years old sitting beside me. Then, suddenly something forced the driver to jam the brakes. I reacted quickly, preventing the minor from injuries by virtually hugging him, but to my detriment injured my arms.”

“Finally, I want to emphasize that if I should find out that I cannot be a biological mother, I would do adoption as I find it impossible to live without children.”

(Photo courtesy of Magano)

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