Child Month reflection from Nana E.Q.

by May 14, 2023News

Child Month Reflection Nana E.Q.

Nana E.Q., born Brenda Finlayson, is a versatile entertainer with a musical journey that is extraordinaire. She began working with international artistes from age thirteen, living in Grange Hill, Westmoreland. A mother of four sons, it is a pleasure to have her reflection on Child Month. Here is her story.

“Parents should give their children the greatest love. This brings trust and there is the possibility that their children will feel safe to share their problems.”

“Parents should also educate their children that this world offers, both good and bad, and that they will need to find solutions.”

“My parents gave us the opportunity to express ourselves, so we would speak out and be quick to even declare our wrongdoings.”

“They (parents) were very involved in our school affairs. They attended PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings regularly and other events in which we participated. And, when my parents found it impossible to attend, one could bet they would be sending my big brothers.”

“During a class party, our parents came to school, so that they could accompany us back home as we were not in our school uniforms”.

As a teenager performing at night shows, Nana E.Q. parents turned up at one of her nightly events without informing her.

“My cousin, who played in the band, was the one who bodyguard me. But, there were my parents and in the dark watching if everything was going well with me.”

“My mom was totally against abusers of children. On one occasion she was instrumental in identifying a man who was abusing little girls. The community congratulated her for helping to bring this man to justice.”

“As a mother, I had to leave my children with my mother as I would be doing night shows. But as soon as I had performed I was back to ensure they were all right.”

“Sometimes we teach our children well, but don’t expect the results to be immediate. Give your children the opportunity to grow, be patient, and their failures may well turn out to be successes.”

“And lest I forget. Give all your children a big hug, not only when we are celebrating Child Month, but every month of the year.”

(Photo courtesy of Nana E.Q.)