Clive “Tennors” Murphy and Eric “Monty” Morris still going strong

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Clive "Tennors" Murphy & Eric "Monty" Morris still going strong

With their careers starting a few years apart in the 1960s, Eric “Monty” Morris and Clive Murphy of The Tennors have done countless shows, several of them together.

In coming months, the longtime friends get reacquainted for gigs in Southern California, Europe, and South America. The Tennors will be promoting their new album, “Whodunit,” while the trek marks the UK debut for Morris.

The opening date is in London on July 1, followed one week later by a show in Germany. Next stop is Los Angeles on August 5, and Mexico on October 28.

Morris and The Tennors have separate shows for Colombia in November.

Murphy is the sole survivor of the original Tennors, who are best known for hit songs like “Ride yu Donkey” and “Pressure And Slide.” Rod Spence and his son, Andrew Murphy complete the lineup.

He is looking forward to going on the road with Morris, a ska pioneer whose hit songs include “Oil In My Lamp,” “Sammy Dead” and “Wings Of A Dove.”

“It’s very important for people to see us because these days everything is dancehall and there are not a lot of reggae groups from our era still touring,” said Murphy who, like Morris, lives in South Florida.

The Tennors last performed together in early 2020 in Las Vegas. Their live shows were curtailed by Covid-19 but they continue to record, releasing a new song titled “The Antidote,” last year.

“Whodunit” (a cover of the hit song by R&B group, Tavares) has 14 tracks, but Murphy knows audiences want to hear the classics.

“For the most part, people want to hear the old, vintage songs. But we plan to throw in a few of the new ones,” he said.

Murphy and Morris have been friends since 1968. The Tennors and the diminutive vocalist have recorded several songs together such as “I Am Back.”

In late March, Morris gave an outstanding performance at a show in South Florida, headlined by R&B group Russell Thompkins Jr and The New Stylistics and J.C. Lodge.

“A lot of people saw that show and began enquiring about him because he did such a great job,” Murphy reported.

“Whodunit” is released by CD Baby on Murphy’s Jamixal label.

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