Fully Bright Boss walks for Charity

by May 9, 2023News

Fully Bright Boss walks for Charity
Fully Bright Boss and Afrobeat dancehall artiste, Shaka Pow, has the power to impress and this is just what he did at the recent tenth annual Caribbean Women’s Club Jamaica Chapter Spring into Fashion event, held recently at AC Hotel, New Kingston.

The Outfytt Records swagger was there on the invitation of Joan McDonald, a former Miss Jamaica World who has been keeping herself relevant.

According to the doctor, “I met Ms, McDonald and the Caribbean Women’s Club group a year ago, and I couldn’t have missed the opportunity to give my time to charity.”

“This is also a chance to step out of my comfort zone and to encounter new horizons.”

The doctor had met with designer Earl Williams of Earl’s Fashion and Branding located in front of Shocking Vibes studio. There, the preparation began with creating four fantastic designs.

One was a shorts suit floral top and grey shorts worn with white sneakers to bring in the summer; the second fashion cut was a well-tailored African print long sleeve silver lining shirt with long black pants. To complete the fashion gear was a pair of black gentlemen’s shoes.

The second African garb was black for pants and long sleeve silver lining shirt, with a signature look, seen in the deejay’s “Unconditional” music video.

The finale came with another engaging black-conscious T-shirt and pants accentuated with a Cinderella male hat with a feather at the side, along with a pair of black loafers.

The responses were very warm. A lot of people were seeing Shaka Pow for the first time, and will definitely want to see more of the artiste/doctor another time.

The Canadian Women’s ‘Club has donated multiple items to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital including handmade woolen caps for the tiniest babies.

Some of the VIPs in attendance included former Miss World Cindy Breakspeare and current Miss Jamaica World, Shanique Singh, a medical student, who is desirous of pursuing a degree in obstetrics and gynaecology.

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Dr. Garth McDonald (aka Shaka Pow) and international model Bath-Sheba McMahon (Photo courtesy of Macedon & Dr. Garth McDonald).
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Dr. Garth McDonald (aka Shaka Pow) gets a 'face lift' (Photo courtesy of Macedon & Dr. Garth McDonald).

(Video courtesy of Macedon | edited by Teacher)