Genna 1: Loyal to Music – Part One

by May 22, 2023News

Genna 1 Series Part One

Genna 1, a US-based singjay, claims he is very loyal to music. He is now enjoying his loyalty to one of his latest projects, “You Change Me.” This is a Donroy Muziq production, the father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson imprint.

“I see myself loyal to music because it is a God-given talent. So, the loyalty is automatic. Through music, I express myself better and paint a better picture of my life story.”

“Three words which best describe me are jovial, honest, and kindhearted. Of the three, I think the one that impresses people the most is being kindhearted”.

Genna 1, born Dwight Muirhead, is from a small farming community called Siloah, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

“It is about 35 minutes drive from Black River to the capital of St. Elizabeth. Apart from farming, a number of persons do fishing along a tributary that runs into Black River. They catch shrimps, mainly a favourite of tourists. This is sold in bags held by a round circular wire rim, for prices depending on the amount.”

Genna 1 attended the Siloah Basic and Primary schools as well as Maggoty High School.

“I used to walk to school because we live within walking distance. My mother Rose Maria Alcott, took me to basic school for the first time. Other times it was any of three uncles – Lennox, Dean, and Lloyd.”

“My favourite subject was English. I am always impressed when children living abroad come to stay with us. And I always wanted to travel to other countries to get the experience of meeting new people.”

“I was very athletic going to school, soccer being my favourite game. There was a big field in front of my school and I am always waiting on the coach to give me a midfield position because I love to distribute the ball to other players”.

Genna 1 loves dumplings and curried chicken back.

“I love this so much that you could get me to run an errand for curry chicken back and dumpling.”

“My grandfather, Lindon Alcott, was a firm disciplinarian. I got a lot of whipping from him, but being an adult, I now realized that the beating was good for me as I have learnt my lessons well and have become a responsible person”.

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(Photo courtesy of Genna 1)