Hope Valley hits A Ray of Hope

by May 27, 2023News

Hope Valley hits a Ray of Hope
If Holy Rosary was a rose in the Garden of Fully Bright then Hope Valley Experimental Primary and Infant was simply A Ray of Hope.

The school, which also caters to special needs children, stood out when the Fully Bright team visited them recently.

The Mona, St. Andrew-based school, along with its self-acclaimed Fully Bright Principal, Anthony Francis was creme de la creme.

The platform setting included a backing band and quality audio. Thumbs up! To discipline, thumbs up!

Devotion started with the culturally Fully Bright Francis leading devotion with songs of hope and inspiration.

Dr. McDonald, head of the Fully Bright team, started out energizing the students with educational tips.

Scores of students, in parallel lines under sprawling trees, were ready for him.

They brought intelligence to various questions posed by the Doc.

A student poses with his Fully Bright certificate

The Fully Bright song was well received along with Fully Bright dancers Wassdem and Anna K. Students quickly joined, some providing their own moves.

Items from the students surrounding the Fully Bright theme included dub poetry.

Several Fully Bright certificates were awarded to students for academic brilliance and other outstanding acts including honesty and discipline.

Guest artiste Kuzikk brought a flair of international and positive sounds to the ears.

(Photos and videos courtesy of Macedon | video edited by Teacher)