I-tru-jah : Almighty Lyrically Part 4

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I-tru-jah series part 4

Madison Square Garden, known as The Garden, is a multi-purpose indoor arena in New York City. It is located in Midtown Manhattan between Seventh and Eight Avenues from 31st to 33rd Street above Pennsylvania Plaza, New York.

The Garden is renowned for hosting some of the biggest events across the globe. It brought to millions of viewers the Cassius Clay vs. Doug Jones bout; Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, as well as Rocky Marciano vs. Joe Louis bouts.

Among the famous entertainers are Jamie Fox, Whoopi Goldberg, and The Rolling Stones.

I-tru-jah, who went to school just across from Madison Square Garden, has some great moments to share.

“I should tell you that having left Andrew Jackson school, I went to another school called Technical Community Institute, about two minutes walk away from my first school.”

“I had heard about Madison Square Garden where Patrick Ewing plays basketball. I would get free tickets from my sister-in-law. This means I could take my friends along with me.”

“We had to get to the venue by seven o’clock in the evenings, and we sat in the bleachers, as these were not the expensive tickets that would have us in the VIP area. The game would last for about three hours and we would stay for the entire game.”

“People would leave before the games were over, and we would take their seats. I got to see rappers like Puff Daddy, Jadakiss, and other stars like Beyonce and Criss Rock; they all impressed me. It was so good to know that most of the rappers came from very poor communities and had to fight their way to the top.”

“Apart from basketball, we watched wrestling, which I had loved from my teenage years. They include Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Randy Savage, and Andre The Giant.

“Although I loved all that was happening at Madison Square Garden, my first love was still music and I enjoyed being at the studio.”

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(Photo courtesy of Tennyson Johnson aka I-tru-jah)


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