Inner Voice: Hungry For Stardom – Part 1

by May 19, 2023News

Inner Voice series part 1

Inner Voice, a very talented Rastafarian singer, is eager to fully explode his inner talent. He is featured with the Fireman Capleton on the mega track, Beautiful Day. This is a Donroy Muziq production – a father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson imprint.

Inner Voice, born Colin Russell, is proud to be a son of Clarkestown, Trelawny. His first school was St. Francis Primary where he loved to play cricket.

“The bat we used then was cut from coconut bark. This was shaved to a size which we could manage on the field.”

“The ball was, oftentimes, made from a pear seed wrapped several times with rubber bands, cut from old bicycle tubes. We would have several other strips lay aside as hard-hitting the ball could burst these rubbers.”

“The nearby lake was one of my favourite pastimes, but I would never go there alone. My uncles and aunts were the ones who took me there as they were adults and responsible to protect me from any danger.”

“We often go fishing and catch some small black fish called perch. My uncles were the ones who went out at night to do fishing.”

“I used to love and still love sugarcane. The fields were large and close to Hyde where I was living. I was also close to a lot of naseberry and mangoes. There were also guinep trees from which we picked the fruit.”

“Although my uncles were always hunting birds, I was never fascinated to go with them, because I did not like to see when they were killed”.

Inner Voice’s main love was music. “My grandmother’s husband used to travel overseas on farm work. He brought down a music system that could record and play music. When he played the first song my face was lit up like a Beautiful Day”.

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(Photos courtesy of Inner Voice)