Inner Voice: Hungry For Stardom – Part 2

by May 20, 2023News

Inner Voice series part 2

“Capleton is a Big Deal in my music”

Inner Voice, a Rastafarian reggae dancehall singer, has not one or two, but several artistes he considers as motivators in his music career. But, the one he continues to talk about is Capleton.

“I have to give credit to mom when she gave me the opportunity to stay with my father who lived in Kitson Town. I also had siblings living in Kitson Town, and they were always happy to see me.”

“I was then living along Old Henry Lane, in Swollowfield, Kingston with my mom. This was where I met producer Donroy. Once you hit Kingston you are bound to find people who can point you to a few producers, or promoters.”

“Kingston is where one often finds the younger artistes and those who share the dancehall space.”

“My father couldn’t live without music, so he continually played the songs of such artistes as Bob Marley, Wayne Wonder, and Sanchez. There were others who became my favourite, like Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, and Capleton.”

“I saw Capleton as magic because he had so much to offer. The first Capleton song I listened continuously to was called ‘Profit.’ And I never got tired hearing this song which I played like a national anthem.”

“Capleton was indeed the dancehall Fireman for many years. Fit and furious he tore down immorality, for example. I played Capleton so often it seemed the cassette became torn like a piece of cloth. His (Capleton) music led me to write more and better lyrics.”

“The first time I was seeing Capleton was in Papine. A friend of mine pointed him out to me.
Capleton is such a great artiste.”

Inner Voice’s latest project is ‘Beautiful Day,’ a combination with Capleton. This is a Donroy Muziq production – a father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson music imprint.

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(Photos courtesy of Inner Voice)