Jahvante Campbell: Solid As A Rock Part 3

by May 5, 2023News

Jahvante series part 3

Jahvante At St. James High school

Jahvante was happy to be among some of his best schoolmates at his new school, St. James High.

He recalls that “I really did not have many friends but many of whom I met were interested in music.”

“Others, not attending my school, like Marvis Irving, was the one who introduced me to All-Schools Jam.”

“School was cool. The principal Mr. Dawson was very good. He found out I was a good singer. And I became the leader of the 4 H club. I started to help other students who were interested in music. And I also helped organising concerts.”

“I used to sing, oftentimes at devotion. This made me popular among teachers and students. Teachers began to show me more attention and this led to my grades improving in Mathematics and English.”

Jahvante spent five years at St.James High. His practical area was tiling and he enjoyed the finished product of beauty and elegance.”

“One has to be very determined and patient to master tiling. And you need to have that drive to make your work speak for itself.”

He recalls having lost his father at age nine and that had made him more responsible.

“My mother was doing a 9 to 5 job, and I didn’t graduate from St. James. I left and migrated to Lawrence Tavern where my music was more recognized.”

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(Photo by Delroy Ledgister)


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