Jahvante Campbell: Solid As A Rock Part 5

by May 15, 2023News

Jahvante series part 5

The making of “Cry Peace”.

“Let’s Make Peace” is a popular slogan in this world because there are so many conflicts among countries, families, loved ones, and close friends.

Every single day, viewers consume the ongoing bombing of villages, gunmen killing churchgoers, and even children are not spared.

Jahvante Campbell, a reggae dancehall singjay, is in grief with those who are left behind to deal with the pain.

“It is so sad that instead of protecting our brothers and sisters, we are hurting and destroying them. Sometimes, for no apparent reason. This has been bothering me for years because I have lost a number of friends.”

“My father Raphell was murdered in 1990. We were living in Samerton, St. James and I was nine years old. This affected me in the worse way.”

“I was at home trying to get ready for school. My mother, grandmother, and father had left for work.”

“They were walking together when nearing a bus stop, two men approached and shot him multiple times. He died on the spot.”

“I put off going to school and for days I could not eat. And this is probably the reason I was interested when producer Thuz Chemist introduced the song to me. We were working before, and I had suggested that an EP would be timely.”

A few words of the “Cry Peace” song are:
“Everyone a cry peace, but there is only one peace that they know
And is a gravestone mark

Jahvante Campbell and Thug Chemist went to Music Works Recording Studio in Kingston and recorded the song including background vocals, and the song was ready in 2022.

We sent the song to a couple of disc jockeys and it got fair rotation. The song is expected to be released soon.

Next: Jahvante and the making of the “Cry Peace” video. Only on the Reggae-Vibes site.

(Photo by Delroy Ledgister)


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