Jenelle Alexia’s book moves closer to number one

by May 6, 2023News

Jenelle Alexia's book moves closer to number one

It was a chorus of Go Jenelle Go! at her Hidden Treasure Fashion show in Philadephia US, last December. And when the show ended patrons were in a jubilant mood.

That was the reaction when Jenelle Alexia got the right platform to sell her book, Keira Discovers Her Talent, on CVM TV, last Thursday.

Just hours before the show, the book crept from number eight to the number four position. And, Jenelle, in full excitement, is confident that the book will make it to number one.

“I am so grateful for the support I am getting, but I am not surprised. The message in my book is huge and relevant to parents and children around the world.”

“Every child dreams about goals in life. Some live out their dreams and discover their talent, while others never live to see their dreams materialized.”

“So, here I am trying to help children and parents to ensure that every positive dream, hopes, and aspiration will be a reality.”

CVM TV had two good spin bowlers on the field that morning, with the first delivering a splendid introduction that made viewers glued to their seats. She struck the right notes that Jenelle, a fashion designer, is now a writer of a book encouraging others to live their dreams.

Jenelle played some good fours over the covers as she talked about her desire to do something to inspire children in general, hence the book. She was very cautious not to run out too easily and stayed at her crease whenever she felt tempted.

It was a big six from Jenelle when she spoke about Air Jamaica being featured in her book, which was one of Jamaica’s owned pride and joy. And that the book could be used in primary schools to help in teaching the use of English. An invitation to the Minister of Education, to endorse the book was the icing on the cake.”

Earlier, Jenelle told Reggae-Vibes… “I would love to see this book in every single home, like the Holy Bible. My target audience are parents who must help children to discover their dreams, teachers who must read this story to motivate their students, while children should have copies to read whenever they wish to do so.”

The book is being sold for US $9.99 online, and US$ 19.99 paperback edition.

(Photo contributed by Jenelle Alexia)