Magano on the Road to Stardom Part 6

by May 4, 2023News

Magano series part 6

Sixth of a seven-part series.

Magano takes her Music to Nightclubs.

“I was introduced to nightclubs by hanging out with live bands. One was Derrick Barnett and the Statement Band. Derrick is one of the founding members of the Sagittarius band in Jamaica. This was in 2013.”

“I hooked up with Derrick after a friend of mine heard me singing with another band and said Derrick would love me as a part of his band.”

“I finally met Derrick a month later. He was this slim, cool youth. He clearly wanted to know what I could offer. I did three songs that night.”

“Having done the first song, Derrick asked me to do a second song, and then it was another, making it three songs; one of which was a cover version of a song done by Marcia Griffiths.”

“He (Derrick) complimented me and gave me some money. And, since then I have been doing shows for him. Sometimes it is like three shows for the weekend – Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.”

“I do not find this to be difficult, even though I am doing a 9 to 5 job. I performed at different clubs, including Clippers on Merrick Boulevard, New York, and Club Universal.”

“In the case of the most memorable performance, this would be so hard to say. I have done a lot, including private clubs and parties.”

“I rate my performance by the reaction of the crowd. I think I connect with my fans. One of my secrets is calling a fan to perform with me on stage. The audience usually loves it.”

“The type of people who are my fans, surprisingly, include the elderly. The selection of my music suits a wide cross-section of my fans who are supporting me every time I perform.”

Her advice to aspiring deejays and singers who want to make it into clubs is that they should have a very strong stage act.

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