Magano on the Road to Stardom Part 7

by May 8, 2023News

Magano series part 7

Final of a seven-part series.

Magano has decided that this will be her biggest year in music.

“I think I have done enough groundwork for this year to be my most promising one across the globe. I have had some twenty years experience on stage, having worked with international artistes, like Bunny Wailer and others like him.”

“Each time a production comes out, one can expect my phone to ring and it’s not only from relatives. I have a broad fanbase in Europe, United States, as well as in the Caribbean.”

“I also have some great fans in Japan. They have migrated to France, so my fanbase follows the love for my music.”

Magano has some six music videos out which include “Pray,” “Never Be Your Child,” “Rasta Love,” and “Strong Woman.”

She also feels that it is not easy to be recognized by fans around the world.

“Your music must be universal and one which makes the listener reflect on his/her life and on others.”

(Photo by MARCO 151)


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