Nana E.Q. remembers her Mom

by May 14, 2023News

Nana E.Q. remembers her mom

Nana E.Q. remembers her mom Delsie Wedderburn, as “strict to the bone” because she could not do whatever she wanted under her roof.

She recalls that “mom was so protective that I thought she didn’t like me.”

“There were children who could leave the house and returned late hours. And, it seemed their mothers gave them this sort of freedom, which meant loving them.”

“I couldn’t do likewise as mom would be watching me like a hawk. For example, school would be dismissed at about three o’clock and my deadline for reaching home was three thirty, half an hour later.”

Nana E.Q., born Brenda Finlayson, now feels that her mother, who died in 2020, was not overprotective or unkind but caring, and one who wanted the best for her children.

She recalls that last year Mother’s Day she performed at a function in Portland. “The show had a lot of important guests and I did a remix of, Special Lady by Ray, Goodman, and Brown. We had a fabulous time with couples dancing”.

For this year, the Rastafarian songstress will be attending, Red Rose for Gregory on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2023. The show will be held at Hope Gardens in Kingston.

Her latest song titled, “God’s Blessings,” will be released on Donroy Muziq imprint.

(Photo courtesy of Nana E.Q.)