Nana EQ blazing hot at Conscious Thursdays

by May 25, 2023News

Nana EQ blazing hot at Conscious Thursdays

Popular Rastafarian singer, Nana EQ, was one of the stars at Conscious Thursdays, held at Hidden Oasis 70A Mannings Hill Rd, St. Andrew, last Thursday. This was her first appearance, an invitation from Turbulence, one of the promoters of the show.

The veteran singer cladded in her usual African garb chose a flowing blue ankle-length dress, sprinkled with red, black, white, and purple shades to complete the perfect picture. Her headwrap, which came from the same material, stood tall, along with a red and gold pair of slippers.

She took the stage after Tampa, a St. Ann-based deejay, and opened her rich catalogue of songs with “Space and Time” produced by Downsounds Records.

Some lines of the song read:
“Mi come to hungry town
To check di farmer man
Him took up a ganja tree
And give it to me in my hand
A pick it up, crush it up
Then I roll it into a joint
And by the time I was finishing smoking
Couldn’t believe it was already night…”

She got rousing applause and this forced the DJ to ‘pull up’ her entry. Nana EQ mixed the performance with “Wanna Get High,” a hit from Rita Marley.

She moved into “Let It Stay Here,” a theme that simply says,
“When you come here
What you see here
Let it stay here
Or don’t come back here.”

The song was produced by Tripple L Records and released some six years ago.

She kept the crowd in frenzy with, “Who Colt The Game,” a song by Bob Marley. Nana EQ climaxed her performance with “Mama Seh,” reminding her fans that she was destined to be a Rastafarian.

“The show was a great, violent-free event. Any visitor would have loved to join us”, she added.

Other performers on the show were Real Steele, Javed, and Umar Shepherd.

(Photo courtesy of Nana EQ)