New book: Two Kings, King Edwards the Giant Sound System

by May 21, 2023News

Rich Lowe - Two Kings, King Edwards the Giant Sound System
Rich Opre Lowe is a native of Cleveland, Ohio in the US and has been closely connected with Jamaican music and culture since his teenage years. From 1990 to 1994, he published a Reggae magazine “The Reggae Directory” that had a circulation of 5,000 and was distributed throughout the US, and extended to Toronto, Canada, London, England, Kingston, Jamaica, and Japan. Having accumulated over four decades of material, Lowe is now focused on research and writing projects, the first of which is the 2020 published 425-page book “The Matador: Lloyd Daley – Sonic Pioneer of Jamaican Music” that chronicled his discussions with Jamaican music producer Lloyd Daley. About three years later, it’s followed by another massive writing, the 563-page book, “Two Kings – King Edwards “The Giant” Sound System: The Era of The King, The Duke, & The Sir.”

Straight from the source and in their words, “Two Kings, King Edwards the Giant Sound System” is told by two brothers – George and Vin Edwards – and they reveal how they built their dominating sound in Kingston, Jamaica. The little-known stories, anecdotes, and successes of George and Vin Edwards are spotlighted in this dual biography of two prolific Jamaican sound system pioneers.

George and Vin Edwards walk the streets again in Kingston with you to share what it was like to hang out with Duke Reid, fight against Coxson Dodd, or win critical sound clashes. The answers lay within Jamaica’s mighty “Big Three” – King Edwards, Duke Reid, and Coxson Dodd.

Coming from the country in Saint Mary to Kingston, these two men made the earth rumble with their powerful sound system and changed Jamaican music forever. Their journey impacted the development of Ska, Rock Steady, and Reggae music. They helped form dance hall standards and participated in some of the first sound clashes. Rastafarian Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff were two young men among many who visited King Edwards’s record shop looking for opportunity.

George and Vin Edwards, now aged 94 and 90, have spent the last five years perfecting this book with author Rich Lowe. Discover how these two brothers influenced music and culture, horse racing, and politics. Why has King Edwards been edged out of the history books, and what ended their sound system reign?

“King Edwards, the Giant Sound System” marches forward with thunder. This book highlights two true cornerstones of Jamaican music and sound system history.


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