Savoy Donaldson: The incredible budding producer – Part One

by May 28, 2023News

Savoy Donaldson series part one

Savoy Donaldson is paving the way to be an incredible record producer. The 25-year-old Spanish Town, Jamaican-born, who attended Calabar High School, hopes to get a reggae Grammy Award while he is still young.

At present, Savoy, the son of Glenroy Donaldson, owner of Donroy Muziq Records, is learning to build his own riddims and is in the process of recording, mixing, and distribution.

This, he feels, will enable him to compete, not only with regional record producers but internationally.

I am sure, you readers, are dying to hear the complete story of Savoy’s journey in music.

Here is part one, of a seven-part series.

“I was born in Spanish Town but left to live in Sherlock Crescent, Kingston, because of violence. My mother thought it was best for me to live with my father Glenroy, a record producer.

“Dad would pick me up from Higher Learning Preparatory school in his blue Mark 11 and I would be sitting behind the driver’s seat. It was a good feeling.”

“He took me to Capleton’s studio when I was about five years old. This was located in Cassia Park community, Kingston, and as a child, I came out knocking on Capleton’s door.”

“Capleton’s son had a mini-bike which he would allow me to ride. I called his father, Uncle Caple.”

“The first thing that strikes me about Capleton was his beard and a white turban he wore. I was very curious about what was under the turban (headwrap) because my father never wore one. He was a bald head.”

“Dad also took me to Judgement Yard in August Town, and I saw Sizzla Kalonji. He was shorter than Capleton. There were a lot of Rastas whom I assume were his brethren.”

“I recall being at Anchor Recording Studio. There were artistes like Mr. Vegas as well as dancehall queen Spice”.

(Photo courtesy of Savoy Donaldson)