Savoy Donaldson: The incredible budding producer – Part Two

by May 31, 2023News

Savoy Donaldson series part two

Savoy At Duhaney Park Primary.

Savoy Donaldson was one of the fastest athletes at Duhaney Park Primary School. He was also good at spelling and played badminton as well as football.

“I believe I took the running from my mom, she usually run for her school, which was Vauxhall High. When I was nine years old my dad couldn’t dream of beating me in a race.”

“Parents would come together in Sherlock Crescent and prepare tracks by painting sections of the community’s road for us to run. Our distances were short, like fifty to eighty metres. This was mostly on weekends.”

“We would have a sports day and the place would look like a mini stadium, as this was a big day for us competitors wearing our new track shoes. And, there would be the blowing of whistles and horns, even from nearby homes as we approached the winning tape. Then, the presentation of medals and other prizes, such as cakes. And, there were refreshments, including Gatorade.”

“I won all my races in my age group. I now have more than a dozen medals. I ran for my primary school and Edith Dalton James High School, but not for Calabar High School.”

Savoy wanted to be like Asafa Powell, one of Jamaica’s finest athletes. However, Savoy’s dream did not materialize.

“I was in a tree relaxing and a student at Duhaney Park Primary felt like playing around. He threw a stone hitting me on the knee and I fell to the ground. I could have been dead, but God spared my life. My dream to become an Olympian was over.”

He, along with his father Glenroy Donaldson produces “Mankind,” an album with the likes of International artiste Capleton. This is on the Donroy Muziq Records label.

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(Photo courtesy of Savoy Donaldson)