Singing sensation Nana EQ – Part 2

by May 23, 2023News

Nana EQ Series Part 2

Nana EQ fully In Love with Music

As a teenager, Nana EQ was not writing love letters to any secret lover she met at her school. Music, which was her best friend, became her lover. And, she did not hide it from anyone.

“I didn’t have any time for boyfriends. In fact, my mind was not on dating anyone. It was getting a date to perform on a show.”

“My mother could sing and it seemed like I got the singing genes from her.”

One day Nana EQ mother heard her singing, and this time she told her to sing another song. So, she did a remix of one of Bob Marley’s songs, ‘Stiff Necked Fools.’

“You know a young man. who lived in the neighbourhood district of Crowda Road, thought I was throwing words at him as I sang about stiff necked fools and decided to threaten me. But, my brothers were around to defend me.”

“I grew up around three older brothers and they didn’t like music. It was all about football and more football. They weren’t very interested in the music I was doing.”

Nana EQ was so fascinated by Bob Marley’s music that she kept on singing Bob’s ‘Three Little Birds( Don’t Worry about a Thing),’ to another level until her Mom got annoyed and told her to sing something else because she was not worrying about anything”.

Nana IQ was such a good singer that she made it to the senior choir at Grange Hill Comprehensive High School. This was at 14 years old. She was also given the lead singer’s role which raised a number of eyebrows.

Nana EQ was among those who mined gold and silver medals for her school at different competitions.

Her latest song, ‘God’s Blessings,’ is a Donroy Production, a father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson imprint.

Be sure to read part three. Nana EQ hits the Big Stage, only on the Reggae-Vibes site.

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