Sliva striding for Pure Gold Part 7

by May 9, 2023News

Deejay Sliva series part 7

Final of an eight-part series.

The making of the Board House video.

The invention of television has certainly made life more interesting.

Not only can we see history unfolding with man’s first step on the moon in 1969; Usain Bolt smashing his own 200 meters record, 19.19, at the IAAF championship in Berlin, 2009, and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1955.

For those who love music, like US-based entertainer, Sliva, his history surrounds the making of his Board House music video.

“I wanted my fans and others to see why my song is important. For many persons, a board house represents poverty, impoverishment, and degradation – just about all the good-for-nothing adjectives one can find in the dictionary.”

“But guess what, Board House becomes an important character because of its transition to a strong concrete house. So, the message must begin with nothing, then the possibility of moving up the ladder of success.”

Videographer Shamoozoo and Sliva in making of Board House video

“My first assignment was to find a Board House in my state which was Georgia in the US. That wasn’t easy. We drove around and looked for hours. Then we luckily found one off 212 Highway.”

“This was the only comparison to those I knew in parts of Jamaica.”

“There was the element of tattered windows, some needed replacement.”

“Added to this was a dilapidated roof minus zinc, which is almost unseen in these parts of the US.”

“I gathered my team and then had several rounds of video footage along with the song.”

“With that done and over, we had to find the contrast of a board house setting and did so by renting a two-bedroom well-furnished apartment. In addition, a beautiful girl is cementing the opportunity to be responsible and caring.”

The videographer Shamoozoo of Shamoozoo Films had the finished product ready within a week for it to premiere in March 2023.

(Photos courtesy of Deejay Sliva)


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