Sully Sulfa is Musically Hot – Part One

by May 24, 2023News

Sully Sulfa series part one

Singjay Sully Sulfa of Seaview Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica, has been in the music business for some ten years.

A former member of the four-member Hot Shot Crew, known for such songs as “Hot My Name Is,” and “Stay Over Deh So.” They have been on shows including Sting, Champions in Action, and Sumfest.

Now a solo artiste, Sully Sulfa, born Kirk Davidson, is currently working on his latest project, “Life Should Be Better,” for Donroy Muziq, father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson Imprint.

“This song is basically about my life story. I wanted to do a song about my day-to-day struggles. I grew up seeing my family working for several years and struggling to make ends meet, hence the title of the song.”

“Producer Glenroy Donaldson had sent me the riddim which I had for about two weeks.”

“My artiste friend, Abulani, called me saying he is preparing a song for the riddim because the producer had sent him the same riddim. We kept talking about this project, and I kept listening to the riddim, then I finally add the lyrics to my riddim. This was recorded at my home-based studio.”

“As I keep repeating, the song is not a regular one. It is relatable to both poor and rich people, especially those who have worked hard for their earnings.”

“The riddim has an R ‘n’ B dancehall flavour, and has cross-over potential. A video is in the making.”

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(Photo courtesy of Sully Sulfa)


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