Sully Sulfa is Musically Hot – Part Three

by May 30, 2023News

Sully Sulfa series part three

Sully Sulfa at Cockburn Gardens Primary.

“I left Bailey Basic School to Cockburn Gardens Primary, located almost at the foot of Three Miles along Hagley Park Road heading to Half-Way-Tree. The school was right beside the Post Office.”

“My mom was the one who took me to the school and I was happy and excited because it had so many things to interest me.”

“There was a teacher by the name of Sir Gibbons. That’s a name that will never depart from my memory. He was a tall, bald-headed man, and he would send me to buy lunch for himself and other students. This was across the street from where the school was located.”

“Whenever I look back, without the extra lessons from Sir Gibbons, I would not be the person I am today.”

“I became a Prefect in sixth grade. This gave me the opportunity to relate to both teachers and students. In addition, I was able to motivate students who had low self-esteem.”

“I was also a runner, having won for Blue House which I represented. I won both gold and silver medals. My mom would be there cheering me on and off the track.”

“While attending Cockburn Gardens Primary, I wasn’t thinking about any profession, like some students who kept repeating that they wanted to become, say a policeman or soldier. It was all about music when I found out that Richie, one of my schoolmates, was a singer and I could deejay.”

“We came up with a song, a cover version of “When I See You Smile.” This combination made us into little heroes among our friends.

Next in part four: Sully Sulfa meets Nitty Kutchie.

(Photo courtesy of Sully Sulfa)


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