Anthony Cruz docks at Satta Massagana

by Jun 7, 2023News

Anthony Cruz docks at Satta Massagana
Anthony Cruz, born Rowan Smith, is no ordinary entertainer. This name is like A, B, C to the ordinary man in the streets of Jamaica, And should one cruise to Jamaica House, or Kings House, there is at least one person who will shout out, Half-Way- Tree!

This is just one of his songs that dominates not only radio land but keeps millions of people around the world believing music tastes better and better each day.

Cruz captured several awards including Singer of the Year (Jamaica). 2006 Reggaesoca Music Awards for Best Reggae combination, “Too Bloody” featuring Grammy Winner Buju Banton.

His catalogue of hits includes “Maria Maria,” “Just Call My Name,” “Tell Me What’s Up” and “Mama’s Blessing.”

With a musical resume of such quality, it would be impossible for producer Thuz Chemist to forget his chemistry that Cruz is always a winner.

Like a captain, Anthony Cruz docked at the port of Reggae-Vibes to tell his story.

“He (Chemist) used to carry me around to meet producers and a host of journalists in my early days in music. This was like 25 or more years ago. I wanted to extend my music, and Chemist was the one who could help to make it happen. He knew a lot of people in the music business. And, I am talking about people who knew what to do to bust artistes.”

South Florida Chart

“About two months ago, we were having our usual conversation when he (Chemist) mentioned a project he has in the making. It surrounds the remix of the “Satta Massagana” riddim.”

I just didn’t have to ponder my mind. Chemist is known for quality and anything to do with the Abyssinians, who recorded the song, was worth joining.”

“I got the impression that producer Chemist was heading for the rich oil wells out there.”

“Chemist sent me the riddim, and to tell you the truth, I just loved the whole production. That night I just played the riddim over and over and by the following day the song was sealed on the riddim.”

“This is a song which is about living in a world of good and evil and being able to choose the right way. So we have to include the Almighty in our daily lives to follow the right path.”

Four lines of his song titled “Let Me See Them” are:
“Let me see them Jah.
Let me know them
Create me a defence
Just like a mountain
Nuff a dem a liquor friend
Some a dem a weed friend
Nuff a dem a money friend
Dem caan trick me again…”

Anthony Cruz says, “When people can relate to a song, one knows it is going to be a big song”.
The song will be released in another two weeks. Meanwhile, “Under The Covers” his latest 18-track album, has cruised to number one on the South Florida Top 15 Albums/CDs chart of June 2, 2023. Others making the cut are Julian Marley’s “Colour of Royal,” “Mr. Washington” by Glen Washington, Morgan’s Heritage “The Homeland,” and “Bread And Butter” by Anthony B.

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Cruz)