Cure My Pain – The Documentary

by Jun 10, 2023News

Cure My Pain - The Documentary

RedARed Music Group has released a grassroots documentary that explores the usage of marijuana from the perspectives of residents living in the inner city region of Jamaica. It highlights ways in which they use and interact with the plant.

The purpose of this documentary is to show the culture of the garrison, the abuse of the underprivileged as it relates to the usage of the marijuana plant. The hidden knowledge of the benefits of the marijuana plants and how this plant has been stigmatised by the upper class in Jamaica for decades upon decades. Of course, living in a poverty-ridden society one would be forced to become an analytical problem solver. And this is what marijuana contributes to in the mind of the youths.

Most people think that marijuana makes you mad but that is utter rubbish. Do you realise that the majority of musicians use herbs because herbs heighten the creativity of these musicians. It frees their mind and brings them to another dimension, and that dimension gives you the music that you love. So, to say that you hate herbs is saying that you hate good music.

To watch the documentary click HERE.