Mackie Conscious lands “Brighter Day” with Luciano

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Mackie Conscious lands Brighter Day with Luciano

Like the rising of the sun, which falls on all things, Mackie Conscious, who hails from the friendly city of Montego Bay, has joined forces with Luciano – a powerhouse in music – and created “Brighter Day” for the world.

In an interview with Reggae-Vibes, the Conscious One says, “This is a song of promise and hope for a brighter day, especially for those who are faced with diverse tribulations and cannot cope. They worry and are stressed by the pain which comes with wars, violence, poverty, and even starvation.”

“Even those we consider to be rich and famous do endure physical and mental pain and yearn for a Brighter Day in their lives.”

“This song was written just after the most intense period of COVID-19, when our hopes, dreams, and aspirations went by the wayside.”

“This is a song that must be used to counteract the negative lyrics which are floating around in the music arena; songs that are not clean and wholesome. In contrast, songs like “Brighter Day” will become a part of Jamaica’s history because it has helped to keep the nation on the road to success.”

According to Mackie Conscious, born Dennis McKay, he could not have used a more suitable artiste to carry the baton of a Brighter Day.

“Luciano has been my longtime friend. We have been communicating since we met during the death of Garnett Silk.”

“Silk was a leading figure in the music industry, and Luciano was expected to carry on this baton of consciousness. So, he was the first person I thought of to inspire the world, alongside my great song of a Brighter Day.”

The lyrics of the song were written by Mackie Conscious in early 2022.

“The theme was one which I had been thinking about for a very long time. And, It comes straight from the inspiration that we can make this world a better place. I am convinced it could happen; hence I started the song with these very words:
“When all is said and done
This world will be a better place
The reason why we are here
is because of God’s grace
Just like the sun comes out
After the rain
So will your joy return
After the pain…”

The second verse of the song calls for the unification of Africans around the world. Mackie Conscious adds, “I completed and recorded the entire song, and when Luciano came and listened, we decided to share each verse while we both did the chorus.”

The song was released on June 11, 2023, on the Conscious Music Works label and distributed on all major music platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.

The presence of “Brighter Day” is being felt in the Caribbean, Europe, the United States, and Africa. Mackie Conscious is urging everyone to not only listen but share “Brighter Day,” which promises hope for this world.

(Photo courtesy of Mackie Conscious)

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