Rhemii Ice is Hot for Education

by Jun 26, 2023News

Rhemii Ice is Hot for Education

Montego Bay’s upcoming artiste Rhemii Ice is far from cold when it comes to music. And one of her hot topics has to do with education.

Her four months old song, “Read And Write,” is already walking through the radio doors. And, it should begin to run the charts if music lovers just give her a fair start.

“This song is about education, and so it concerns everyone. The government keeps knocking it in our heads: Everyone can learn… everyone must learn! Parents genuinely want their children to have a good education, and teachers too feel a sense of pride when their students excel, not only in school but at the workplace.”

 Rhemii Ice explains that she was at her house in Catherine Hall (some five minutes ride from MoBay), when the idea of the song began to take root.

“I was there with my 12-year-old son and a friend. Being a good parent, I kept telling my son the importance of a good education.”

“I felt that I could save him from similar struggles I had endured during my academic journey. My past experiences have hindered me from achieving some of my goals. And, even today, it sometimes becomes a nightmare.”

Without any form of riddim, Rhemii began writing the chorus, then the two verses, one semi-repeated.

 Rhemii got the riddim some two days later from Top M. Records in MoBay. They had directed her to go on the company’s website and choose the riddim she liked.

“Well, naturally, I found the almost perfect riddim and made a few noticeable changes to my song, which is produced by Top M. Records studio. Friends, including the Top M. Records management, gave the song thumbs up, extending that such a topic is well needed in the dancehall.”

A video of the song was released almost the same time. Rhemii Ice, born Nordia Noble, hails from Mount Carey, Anchovy, St James.

“I grew up in Garlands and attended the Granville Vocational Centre, among others.”

“Music was always my passion. I never knew how to write a song until I was well into adulthood. I was glued too much on doing cover versions. The drought broke when a studio engineer taught me about bars, verses, and beats.”

 Rhemii has high praises for Magnum Kings and Queens, a talent competition that she entered in 2017.

“I actually reached the studio finals and had six exciting weeks of publicity before I dropped out. The experience has given me a lot of stagecraft and fans throughout Jamaica. Now, I am confident that the world is ready for Rhemii.”

(Photo courtesy of Rhemii Ice)


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