Singing sensation Nana EQ – Part 3

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Nana EQ Series Part 3

Nana EQ hits the Big Stage

Nana EQ started to perform on the big stage when she was fourteen years old.

A year before, she was singing songs done by the I-Threes ( Marcia Griffiths, Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt) and Gregory Isaacs. She would remix these with her own lyrics and found they were sounding good.

One of her first shows took place at the Tree House Club in Negril.

“There, I was in a room as one of the performers, and Peter Tosh, who was also on the show, took a robe out of his bag and asked me to press it for him. I was already ironing my clothes. His exact words were, ‘Little one you working on the show.'”

I answered, ‘Yes sir’, and he smiled and said, ‘I want the I press out this robe fi I’.

I keep saying, Peter Tosh, the big star asking me to press his robe.

Nevertheless, I took pains ensuring that it was well done and he complimented me saying, “‘Little one it is well done. I know you are a country girl. Country girls learn to do things early.'”

One would be wondering how a 14-year-old suddenly found herself among stars like Peter Tosh. The truth is that her music teacher at school, not only knew her talent but entertainers. She (the teacher) also had links with the promoters of shows, hence Nana EQ appearance as a guest performer.

“My teacher and I would leave on the same bus from Grange Hill to Negril. We would reach about 4:00 and on most occasions I performed early, reaching home no later than 9:30 for school again. My teacher was everywhere I went even at rehearsals. I also had my cousin who worked with the band and he did not lose me out of his eyesight.

Nana EQ performed like a star on the show. People threw money on the tag so that I would return and perform again.

Peter Tosh stood up like a judge while I performed that night. Then, he came to me and said, “‘Little one you a real star.'”

Next: Nana EQ meets Gregory Isaacs.

(Photo courtesy of Nana EQ)


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