12-year-old Justin Macko is a winner

by Jul 13, 2023News

Justin Macko at his graduation ceremony

Justin Macko, aged 12, came out the biggest winner at St John’s Primary school-leaving ceremony recently.

The shy, determined boy, whose father died when he was only two years old, went home with a fabulous gift basket and over eighty thousand dollars.

The graduation began with the usual pomp and pageantry, which included the presentation of graduates. Greetings were showered from several individuals, and selections had themes that encouraged the graduates to continue on a path of excellence.

Then came the certificates and individual prizes, given mainly for academic excellence. Justin watched as his colleagues received, with handshakes, a pat on the shoulder, or broad smiles.

But then came the biggest surprise. Justin had not only won the St. John’s Primary Miss and Mister Physique competition but also has accolades in sports, winning several medals.

That achievement was conveyed to entertainer Third World Don and record producer Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins. Both had decided to reward Justin with the award for Excellence in Extra-curricular activity.

This included a gift basket and cash to defray expenses to attend the secondary school come this September 2023.

The moment Justin touched the gift basket, there were cheers from the audience. The emcee, with a heart of gold, urged others to give generously to Justin.

Two men quickly came and handed their tokens to Justin. And, then, others left their seats. Three cheers for the emcee who placed St. John’s primary on the world map. And, to all those who believe that all things are possible with Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Eugene Pitter)