A’Legends hits another fashionable six

by Jul 15, 2023News

A'Legends hits another fashionable six

A’Legends, who recently scored a centre spread in the popular Caribbean Elite Magazine, stepped out of her comfort zone with a dazzling hit and scored a well-deserved six.

This, was when she hosted Safari Soiree at the People’s at a favourite hot spot in Philadelphia, US, last Saturday night.

That six, again a commendable score, will definitely help to send her on her dream to Hollywood’s galaxy of stars.

“This was not the first party I have hosted. No, definitely not, but it was very impacting,” she assured, in an interview with Reggae-Vibes.

“Everything was just right from the start on Saturday night. We had a good turnout and everyone wanted the party. And, so we had a bellyful of good music, food, drinks, and went home really filled.”

A’legends explains the anticipation of dancer Gabbidon who came to inspire, was also well received.

A'Legends and Drift dancer Gabbidon

“Gabbidon, known as the Drift Boss, is a Jamaican now going around with the Drift dance moves. This, he has choreographed from Teejay’s current hit “Drift.” People from all over are dying to see this dancer on stage because he is energetic and creative.”

But how did A’ Legends really get into the mix of everything?

“About June 2023, Browns, the promoter of the event, called me and pop the invitation out of the blue. I immediately decided to take up the offer for it is all about building my image.

“Being a host calls for one with personality, flair, and being creative enough to keep the show lively. And I know that all this comes with my years of experience”.

The show started about 1:00 a.m., ending four hours later at 5:00 a.m. with several patrons trying to steal a few more great moments.”

Overall, A’Legend feels she is getting to meet the right people who are supporting her dream. On August 31st, she will be one of the stars at the Caribbean music awards show to be hosted by Wyclef Jean.

“This will certainly be fantastic,” she acclaimed.

(Photos contributed by Jenelle Alexia)