Anthony Cruz to the World

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Anthony Cruz To The World

Anthony Cruz pulled out some of his covers and had ladies begging for more, recently at the Green Tree Country Club, New Rochelle, NY. This was the fully crowned crooner’s second appearance, and definitely won’t be the last.

“This was my second dock in New York since the release of my album, ‘Under The Covers’; my first being at Ocho Rios Seafood Restaurant for the album launch, which was nothing short of fantastic,” Anthony Cruz mused.

Promoter Maxine Greaves, who was at the launch, was so elated with singer Cruz that she simply threw out her anchor, offering him his present show. In a matter of seven weeks, Anthony Cruz was the sole captain for the night.

“I was the only star at my recent show, and I did shine brightly,” Cruz reassures.

The event, a fully All-White Affair, had DJ Roy from 93.5FM, DJ Oxtail, and DJ Bandit at the control spinning some conscious music from the likes of John Holt and Dennis Brown.

This was followed by a brunch, consisting of a variety of foods including lobster, chicken, shrimp, and cocktails.

Anthony Cruz began with one of his originals, “No Guns A Dance,” produced by Stone Love and released in 2009. Then, it was down memory lane with “Just Call My Name,” his first number one song, into “Half Way Tree,” one of his anthems. The response was like a choir on a gospel cruise.

He unleashed three times with “Leave The Door Open,” “If You Were Here Tonight,” and “Step In The Name Of Love,” then talked about how one can purchase his hit album, “Under The Covers.”

“This is available anywhere music is sold. Fans can stream and download on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other download platforms. The 18-track album is reasonably priced at US$9.99”.

Cruz completed his journey with “Closer I Get To You” and “Mama’s Blessing.”

“Mama’s Blessing” is timeless and relevant. There will always be mothers around so long as life lasts. But it was not over as before Cruz could get to retire Under The Covers, cameras, and cell phones were buzzing with activity.

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Cruz)


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