Azee & fellow artists encourage safe sex

by Jul 30, 2023News

Azee & fellow artists encourage safe sex

When singjay/producer Azee reached out to Power Man to appear on his HIV-awareness song, “Can’t Tell,” the veteran deejay readily agreed. Working in the New York health service for several years, he has seen firsthand the effects Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have on persons and their families.

Azee, Power Man, Junior Cat, DYCR and Mr. Lexx are the artistes on “Can’t Tell” which was released in June by the Crown International label.

Based on troubling statistics from Jamaica’s health ministry which shows over 30,000 persons in the country living with HIV/AIDS, the New York-based Azee decided a song like “Can’t Tell” was timely.

Power Man, who is a Patient Care Technician in Brooklyn, says even though significant strides have been made in terms of medication for STDS, many patients still see it as a death sentence.

“I’ve seen so many cases, many of them young people. When they find out that they have it (HIV), it’s like they’re going to die. It’s not a nice thing,” he said.

Jamaican entertainers such as Buju Banton (“(Willy) Don’t Be Silly”) and Frisco Kid (“Rubbers”) have encouraged safe sex among their countrymen for many years. While the rate of persons affected remains high, Power Man believes the entertainment industry has a pivotal role to play in spreading the message.

“Artistes, entertainers, musicians are influential to people. And when people hear dem favourite artiste telling dem to do something positive, they will follow,” he said.

Born Michael Davey, Power Man is the younger brother of Noel Davey, a musician credited as co-creator of the “Sleng Teng” riddim’. They hail from Waterhouse, the rugged community in Kingston, Jamaica that has produced acts like The Wailing Souls, Black Uhuru, and Junior Reid.

His brother wanted him to pursue music as a musician, but Power Man noted the lack of financial success his older sibling had as a session player and decided to become a deejay.

Since making his recording debut in 1989 with “Technicolor” for New Name Muzik, Power Man has released countless songs for producers including Winston Riley (“Sex Tournament”), Sly and Robbie (“We Nuh Eat Pork”) and Fat Eyes Records (“Clothes Pin”).

“Can’t Tell” is recorded on the “Sweet Lyfe” beat which was first released in 2016.

(Photo courtesy of Azee)

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