“Beatbopper” calls for Caribbean to support Peace album

by Jul 28, 2023News

"Beatbopper" calls for Caribbean to support Peace album

US record producer Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins is calling on the Caribbean especially, to support his upcoming Peace album.

Hudgins, who has worked on Billboard charting albums, says “This album will be promoting Peace, Love, and Unity across the world, set to be released this year.”

“Although America has had its share of senseless killings, too many fingers are pointing at the Caribbean as a hotspot for crime.”

“We need to find ways of fighting this ongoing violence which is taking so many lives on this planet. It doesn’t make much sense to anyone who believes in the preservation of life.”

“Studies have shown that some 95,000 children are murdered each year globally. Just imagine, that every day some 200 boys and girls around the world are murdered. This is a release by Save The Children, an international non-profit organization”.

Hudgins believes that music is a contributory factor for much of these crimes and agrees with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness who opposes music promoting violence, illegal weapons, and illicit drugs.

In a much-publicized newspaper article on the subject, Hudgins writes, “While artistes need to be given avenues of expression, they should be responsible enough not to invite violence or negative behaviours”.

“As to the album, Hudgins says, “Third World Don, a Jamaican-born US-based rapper, reggae artiste, and record producer will play a major role in this album. He is versatile in any genre he decides to enter and he is capable of making a hit.”

“He will be a good headliner for the album and so is Kabaka Pyramid, our recent Grammy winner. We also have African Boyce – an independent artiste from Virginia. He is presently doing a lot of shows.”

Another act is Noplug Yayo, also from Viginia. His song, “Runaway,” has been getting a lot of traction. The slate of artistes will represent countries including Jamaica, Ukraine, and the Philippines.

Hudgins has joined forces with Jamaica’s Just for Peace International in giving back to fatherless children and promoting inner-city youths for the past two years.”

The organization has so far won three Universal Peace Federation awards with commendations from the Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Patrick Allen, and Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to Jamaica.

He hopes to have the entire Caribbean supporting this Peace album which will help to give children better opportunities in life.

(Photo courtesy of Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins)