Ishana’s Closet opens more doors

by Jul 17, 2023News

Ishana's Closet opens more doors

Nickeisha Smith’s sensational clothing brand, Ishana’s Closet, last impact was a premiere on A’Legends Spring Into Fashion show, held in the Heart Ballroom, Philadelphia, on Sunday, May 21st, 2023.

Then, Nickeisha displayed her collection which included fully bright-coloured bathing suits for the summer along with Cover Up, and sporty uni-sex sandals to complete the sizzling look for females.

Males were partially adorned in solid-coloured swim trunks and T-shirts along with uni-sex sandals.

Since then Nickeisha has been preparing for her Fall Collection.

“This will involve jumpsuits for females, sweatshirts, long sleeve T-shirts for men, and more. There will also be kiddies’ sweat suits and T-shirts, with cotton material being dominant.”

Nickeisha’s goal is to have her own fashion hub which she feels will not only improve her clientele base but will also force her to get more creative.

“Fashion will always be fashion, by this I mean people will always want to look different and special. So, we just have to keep thinking of how to keep making a fashion statement for all of them.”

(Photo courtesy of Deno Scotland Photos)