Jahvante Campbell is “Hot Pan Them”

by Jul 6, 2023News

Jahvante Campbell is Hot Pan Them

Jamaican-based reggae singer Jahvante Campbell is showering praises to the Almighty for allowing him to keep the nation on a path of righteousness.

His song, ‘Hot Pan Them’, is a reminder that evil-doers will not inherit the earth.

“I had no reason to believe that this song would not be a talking point among people. It is either you like it or you do not. It will definitely make people think if they are doing what is right.”

“For there is no way that one can believe sin will go unpunished. You can’t, for example, take an innocent man’s life and believe there will be no form of consequence from the Almighty. So, it will indeed be ‘Hot Pan Them’, who continue to do wrongs.”

Since the release of the song, which is featured on Thug Chemist’s remixed “Satta Massagana” riddim, Jahvante has been enjoying good attention.

“The marketing of the song has led to much traction. And this is not only from families and friends but others who have heard the song through social media.”

“Last week, for example, someone I had never met before called me to say it was great hearing my voice as she listened to ‘Hot Pan Them’.”

Jahvante keeps knocking negative lyrics, which he claims are destroying society .

“We keep pushing and digesting those lyrics which promote violence, illicit drugs, and indiscipline. So, what we have is a generation that will not help to improve the quality of life.”

“But, we can make changes as entertainers because music has the power to change a nation.”

Jahvante is hoping to do some live shows before the end of the year.

(Photo courtesy of Jahvante Campbell)

Jahvante Campbell – Hot Pan Them


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