Malii making her own strides in the music biz

by Jul 13, 2023News

Malii making her own strides in the music biz

Maleka Levy is making waves in the music business, and she is doing it free of influence from her very successful father Barrington Levy and mother Lady G. Coming from a musical lineage, it was almost inevitable that the music bug would bite her, eventually.

Malii, who had her sights set on being a forensic pathologist, said she soon found that resisting the call of music proved to be stronger than her initial career path.

Things looked up for her after she recorded a song and showed it to her mother, who then posted it on social media. It took on a life of its own, being played on radio and other online platforms.

Seeing the positive response, she decided to pay more attention to music, resulting in her recording Peanut Butter, It’s the Weekend, Impervious, One Time Fling, and a song that features her mother, No Miseducation.

Commenting on the song’s performance, Malii said she was surprised at the response.

“I am a new artiste and I didn’t expect the kind of love I got. ‘One Time Fling’ racked up over 40,000 views,” she shared.

Malii said she knows it will take dedication and a lot of hard work — something she is prepared to do to get where she wants to go.

“I don’t kid myself; my parents paid their dues in the business and reached where they are. I am prepared to do the same thing and put in the work it will take to get there. I am not relying on any handouts, as I want my talent to be recognised in its own right,” she stressed.

Conscious of the fact that a lot of young artistes, like herself, are seeking their breaks in the business, Malii believes she has the edge through her ability to switch up her sound, her writing skills, and her desire to create a new genre.

Presently, she is working on her first EP, which will see her partnering with several producers.

Hailing from the parish of St. Catherine, she is a past student of Glowell Prep and St. Hugh’s High School.

Malii lists her passions as being in nature, connecting with people, singing, and writing.

Artiste she admires and looks up to are Erykah Badu, Sade, and her mother. All three women she notes have mastered the art of performance and take you on a journey with their music.

In December 2023, Malii will share the stage with her mother on the Marley cruise.

(Text: The PR Agency | Photo contributed by Malii)

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